Weekly UI challenges — Season 2

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The story about

Weekly challenges

Choose something you can always find the time to make... … and make it!

Everything started as our Design team’s personal challenge that would give them the opportunity to try something different, experiment and sharpen their UI skills. This initiative received great support so they decided to invite everybody to join.

Now it’s time for the second season of weekly UI challenges. It will be a little more challenging, more innovative, and definitely more fun!

Season 01 Week 10 — Cinema Tickets Booking

Rules of the game

and how to participate

Important stuff

  1. Make good shit.
  2. Honor the deadline or skip the week.
  3. Go wild: no limits regarding dimensions, orientation, typography, colors or motion — use this chance to create everything you’ve ever wanted. :)
  4. You can participate in all the challenges. If you’re really short on time or simply not feeling a particular challenge, it’s fine to skip a week.
  5. You can invite people to join.
  6. If at some point you don’t feel like participating anymore, let us know and we’ll remove you from the list.


In order to participate, you need to have a Dribbble account (player).

Every week you will get detailed instructions for the upcoming UI challenge.

We’ll send you detailed instructions for the upcoming UI challenge and updates about the person responsible for uploading the first shot, so you can simply rebound to that shot on the date of the deadline.

Season 01 Week 7 — Soundcloud

Season 2


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